Hello, I’m Alison


I’ve been teaching Yoga for over fifteen years and practising for many more. I live on eight and a half acres in the Huon Valley in Southern Tasmania with my husband Tom and Bonnie the Dog, and where I enjoy sharing Yoga with the local community, growing food, and appreciating the beaches, forests, river and mountains that surround us.

I love tailoring the best Yoga and mindfulness practices to meet women’s individual needs, and I’ve discovered that it really doesn’t have to be hard work to be effective. Despite what you see in popular media, finding calm, ease & strength doesn’t need to involve fancy Yoga poses. Yoga & mindfulness can be practical, useful, and a part of your every day life.


I help my clients to re-balance from the ground up. From how you stand on your feet, to your neck and head posture. Along the way I offer techniques for a healthy pelvic floor, strong, mobile hips, core strength, strong supple joints, an easeful back, neck and shoulders, an open heart, and a calm, focused mind.

I believe in:

  • Easy-to use mini sequences you can slip into a work break, or a quick 15 minutes when the kids are in bed
  • Delicious downloadable 5, 10 or 15 minute mindfulness recordings you can listen to while you’re waiting, commuting, or in bed about to sleep
  • Longer, luxurious audio relaxations for weekends when time allows (or for extra challenging times!)
  • Useful, realistic techniques that meet you where you are now, in your body, your mind, and in your life.

I believe that when you nurture your own well-being, you can come home to your true, wonderful, whole self and begin to fulfill your potential. Then, miracles happen, not just for you, but for everyone your life touches.

If you’re after a boot camp, this is the wrong place…but if you’d love carefully crafted, nurturing Yoga & mindfulness practices that are tailored for real women leading real lives, I would love you to join me!

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It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from. There are no judgements here. You’ll be nurtured, and welcomed!

If you’d like to know more, this is why I do what I do…

Growing up as a musician in Adelaide, sitting for hours over a guitar with no postural awareness or physical exercise, I honestly thought that my body would just go on doing whatever my mind told it to. I also thought that super strong black coffee was breakfast and that a Vegemite toastie counted as dinner. Easily stressed and not genetically blessed with the kind of body that can cope with neglect for long, by my early twenties I was racked with back pain, weak, and constantly exhausted.

I married a wonderful man who somehow saw past all this and I gained an instant family of four amazing children. I had all the responsibilities of a step mum, and I was too young to have any idea how to set boundaries on my time, energy and sanity. I wanted to be my best and most capable for this new family I adored (and still love to pieces!), and I thought I could apply the same discipline and willpower to regaining my health as I’d used to master a musical instrument. I did everything the physios told me to do, with as much effort as I could…and I ended up in even more pain, plus nerve damage.

Now I couldn’t even turn the car radio on without nerve pain shooting down my arm, I couldn’t lift my three year old step daughter without suffering for days afterward, and just hanging out washing was an agonising ordeal. On top of this I had so much inflammation and stress in my system that I was covered in huge red lumpy hives from head to toe every night.

Sick of being at war with my body and ready to resign myself to a life of pain & illness as a complete freak, I was suddenly blessed with three guardian angels, one after the other:

  • A physiotherapist who looked like a Viking and said to me, “You know, you’d do a lot better to lose that stoic gung-ho attitude” and taught me subtle, gentle nerve sheath loosening techniques.
  • A naturopath who explained that “No, coffee is not breakfast. No, not even Farmers Union Ice Coffee”.
  • A meditation guide who helped me to find the deep inner calm and joy that had been buried all along, and helped me to discover that being hard on myself, and being driven, was not the answer after all.

I began to realise that the basics of rest, nourishment, easeful movement and care were my responsibility to offer myself. When I completed a physical rehabilitation program, I started Yoga and gradually learned to become friends with my body and with myself. I was so grateful for feeling well that I wanted to share what I was learning, so I did Yoga teacher training and I found my calling.

Since then I’ve worked with hundreds of women who had also used a great deal of effort to be fit, strong and healthy, yet still struggled until we worked together to reclaim their breath and their bodies’ innate strength and grace.

The women I’ve worked with over the last two decades have helped me to develop and refine the most useful and accessible ways of using the tools of Yoga and mindfulness to achieve lasting well-being.

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With love, Alison x

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