You have a unique body, mind & life story… so why try to fit into a generic Yoga & meditation practice?

Give yourself gentle, joyful Yoga & mindfulness practices that nurture your unique body, mind & spirit
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If you’ve ever felt that you can’t “fit in” to Yoga for whatever reason, it’s not you who should be fitting Yoga – your practice should be fitting you! The most useful Yoga & mindfulness tools are the ones that are custom-crafted to bring ease, calm & freedom to your unique wonderful self.

I believe in offering you the best Yoga tools to benefit your unique mind and body, instead of making you fit in with a one-size-fits all Yoga practice.

I love to craft easy, joyful, and practical Yoga and mindfulness programs you can really use in your own unique way to nurture your body & spirit to meet the challenges of every day life.

The only way you can live & love with calm, strength, and ease is by nurturing your own energy & well-being.

No judgements, no fancy Yoga poses, just really useful Yoga & well-being for more calm, ease & freedom in the chaos of real every-day life.

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The Yoga to Nurture Program

Yoga to Nurture is an in-person, tailored-to-you program to nurture your well-being from the comfort of your own home.
Take a 9-month easy-paced, yet deeply rich & transformative journey with me … a journey that nurtures you from the ground up with a practical exploration of Yoga philosophy & mindfulness, using the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the 7 chakra system.
The premium option of customised, in-person sessions over Skype or locally offers a deeper personal practice tailored to your unique body, mind & lifestyle.
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Customised private Yoga sessions via Skype or in person

I co-create a completely different program with each unique lovely woman who has private Yoga sessions with me. Some are restorative, gentle and meditative. Some are therapeutic. Some involve no movement at all, while a few are active & lively. Many have come to Yoga as I did, through chronic illness or pain.
The practices are tailored to each individual woman’s priorities, and to her body, constitution, and life challenges.
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Alison will work with your body and help you progress in the way you need to for that hour, day, week. Every body is different and Alison understands and appreciates that. When you are in a Yoga pose it won’t be the same as everyone else’s Yoga pose. When people ask me, “What kind of Yoga do you do?”, it is hard to explain because Alison has the ability to tailor the practice to the individual! Which is amazing, and one of the reasons why I love Yoga with Alison. She will never make you feel like you are not doing enough or you need to be doing something in a specific way to achieve a particular goal. Yoga has given me a way to relieve stress and anxiety. It has changed my life mentally and physically for the better. After a couple of lessons I knew this was the start of something I wanted to continue with but just needed a little willpower to make it part of my routine. Alison made this very easy by being so welcoming and nurturing. I have a busy life which involves desk work, lots of driving and helping a partner run a small business. I now have the knowledge of what to do to help my body from becoming too tense, sore and stiff. Yoga has made me stronger (physically) and has helped me deal with stressful situations in a much better way (mentally). I have noticed a huge difference in my movement throughout my day to day life and my body has changed dramatically over the last 4 years.

Jessica Nicholls

Marketing Coordinator, Cradoc, Tasmania

Alison listens to what you need, and to want you want and adapts a programme to suit you. She is very knowledgable about anatomy, as much as any physio I’ve met, which enabled me to trust her judgement and advice. She is very intuitive to people’s needs when it comes to yoga. She actively discourages people from pushing themselves too hard. I didn’t expect to get as much out of yoga as I have. I found it in the past to be good for flexibility but I didn’t realise before meeting Alison how helpful yoga is in all aspects of health. I now use it for relaxation, restoration (after cleaning the house or going for a run), and for insomnia. I also find I use the breathing when I’m anxious about anything at any time. I’m a GP and refer a lot of my patients to Alison for help with their back pain, when they’ve exhausted many avenues, people with anxiety, who need to learn how to relax, those with insomnia to avoid medications.


General Practitioner, Hobart

I think one of the most important things with Alison is that you can trust her. She’s supportive of you as an individual and encourages you to shape the poses to suit your posture, even in a class setting. Yoga with Alison is not about wearing the most fashionable active wear and it’s not about doing the most challenging poses that look impressive. It’s about our own yoga journey, about feeling better about ourselves, it’s about our wobbles and bits that aren’t as bendy or stretchy, it’s about laughter and sharing and enjoyment. I decided to do yoga on a regular basis in order to improve my flexibility, which as I grow older I find important. Not only has my flexibility greatly improved but also my strength and balance and what delights me the most, my posture generally. Alis

Franklin, Tasmania

I initially started Yoga with another teacher, but unfortunately I gained injuries from the practice and was turned off. During my younger years I was heavily involved in a multitude of sports where I gained multiple injuries. I also sustained horse riding, car accident and body surfing injuries that were impacting on my quality of life due to pain, which was exacerbated by naturally tight muscles. As I am not naturally flexible and with my previous yoga experience I was doubtful that it would provide relief but with numerous practitioners advising Yoga would be very helpful for my situation, what I needed to do was find the right instructor. My search lead me to try out Alison’s approach. One session dispelled my concerns, Alison was very focused on completing the moves within the bodies restrictions and slowly building up to advanced positions. I have felt many benefits since working with Alison. I have an increased awareness of my body and its restrictions and how to work on specific areas to increase flexibility. I have not suffered any injuries in well over 12 months and according to my husband return from class with a big smile. Alison is very focused on providing an experience for every body, from beginners to advanced yogis. I really appreciate being given alternatives to moves, especially when my body is experiencing restrictions during practice. I feel empowered to tailor the practice for myself to provide an overall benefit specifically for me, all the time knowing Alison will be monitoring my progress.  Donna Kowaluk

Personal Assistant, Glen Huon, Tasmania

Having lost a lot of mobility due to a car accident, having fusions and cage in my neck I’m pleased to say this instructor has me back on track with movement no one thought I’d have. Thank you Alison I can only recommend people give it a go she keeps me in safe range of movement and pain free longer. Lorraine

Huonville, Tasmania

I have had many yoga teachers over 50 plus years and Alison is right up there at the top of the list for excellent teaching. Linda


I have a busy lifestyle with small children. Private Yoga sessions have helped overcome those barriers. I came to Yoga with sore hips and this issue is now mostly resolved. I am calmer and breathe better. Alison represents quality in yoga teaching and has a wealth of experience. Her knowledge is extensive and continuously updated. Fabulous!!! Terese

Lecturer, Cradoc, Tasmania

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