The YogaNurture Program

9 months of nurturing transformative Yoga & mindfulness, tailored to you

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Ideally, we’ve had a chat via Skype, phone, or email – so that we’re confident this it the right program for you and that you’re going to really enjoy working with me. If not, drop me a line using this form, and we’ll get started.

I’d also like to make sure we have clarity about a few things before you press the purchase button:

This is not a bootcamp program and there is never any pressure. Of course, the more you read, watch, and listen to all the resources and the more you practice your personalised program, the more your body, mind, & life will benefit!

This program gives you access to all the knowledge, resources and materials I’ve crafted and honed over 15 years of teaching and 20 years of practice, and you get to keep all the downloads forever. I will offer a refund at the end of the program, if you sincerely and whole heartedly engage in the program, and you feel it is not providing you with the tools to:

  • Meet your unique needs through a tailored individual Yoga practice
  • Uncover your innate graceful posture from the ground up
  • Nurture your core & pelvic floor strength gently and effectively
  • Reclaim a more easeful ache-free back, neck and shoulders
  • Build your peace of mind and resilience
  • Gain an understanding of how the philosophy & teachings of Yoga can help us in practical, useful ways in our modern lives

To show that you have whole-heartedly engaged in the program in order to qualify for a refund at the end, you would have:

  • Stayed consistently engaged in the full program over the full 9 months
  • Practised your tailored program daily and come back to the next session with preparedness to follow on to the next steps, or with questions and challenges to delve into further
  • Downloaded & viewed all extra written, video and audio resources to select some favourites to enjoy
  • Engaged with the FaceBook community at least once a week
  • Regularly practised a monthly selections of the extra Chakra materials, whether video, audio or read materials, and have reflected on your practice wth them.
  • Maintained consistency with the program – little and often (for example your short well-tailored practice and a little engagement with the extra resources each day can enhance your well-being deeply. Odd months of loads of work in between months of not engaging with the program, won’t do much for you – that’s how practice works!)

Please also note that I am not a psychologist or a doctor – I’m a Yoga teacher, and can only provide Yoga teaching services, not medical advice or psychological counselling services.

Again, please know that there is no pressure or achievement requirements in this program; it’s here to nurture you! Sometimes we have a bad month, life happens, we temporarily  lose the practice or have to skip some of the extra resources (although you can catch up and come back to them anytime, they are yours to download and keep). Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you to help you pick up the threads again and so will our lovely friendly online community. The above requirements are only applied to refund requests, should they ever happen (& I have never been asked for one).

Now that we have all that clear, welcome!

I am confident that you are going to love this program.

Let’s get started…

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Once you click one of the options below, you’ll be transferred to my secure booking site to complete your payment with options for credit card or Paypal. If you prefer to set up direct bank transfers, please let me know & I’ll forward details to you.