Yoga to Nurture

Nurturing transformative Yoga, mindfuness & meditation

Yoga to Nurture is a 9-month easy-paced yet deeply transformative online journey that nurtures you from the ground up – body. mind & spirit.

Imagine you could easefully…
  • Uncover your innate graceful posture and move again with supple joints
  • Recover your strong flexible hips and nurture your core & pelvic floor strength
  • Reclaim an easeful ache-free back, neck and shoulders
  • Rediscover your peace of mind and resilience
  • Be good friends with your body again

     …all in practical & enjoyable ways with custom-tailored nurturing Yoga & mindfulness programs and encouraging, unjudgemental support.

The hundreds of women I’ve worked with over the last decade have helped me to develop the Yoga to Nurture program. They taught me that each of us is unique, so we benefit from carefully tailored, custom-crafted practices. They also taught me that we have so much in common, and so much to share.

If you’ve dedicated all your energy to looking after others for some years, and now you know you need to nurture your own body, mind & spirit, then this is the perfect program for you.

If you’re on the road to recovery after illness, stress or trauma, & you’re craving more than just an exercise program, something that will nurture you on all levels … then this is the perfect program for you (that’s how  started my Yoga journey!)

If you’re after a boot camp, then this is the wrong place…but if you’d love carefully crafted, nurturing Yoga & mindfulness practices that are tailored for real women leading real lives, and the mutual support of a community of like-minded women with a sense of fun and compassion, then this go-at-your-own-easy-pace, nurturing immersion into Yoga for well-being will be just perfect for you.

Yoga to Nurture immerses you in the rich, practical and holistic resources of Yoga:

  • The archetypes, imagery & wisdom of the Chakras
  • The 8 limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga path from the Yoga Sutras
  • The tradition of exploring mind, body & spirit with tools of meditation, physical well-being, breath-work, mindfulness, Yoga poses, and more.

You have the option of taking your journey with or without private, individually tailored-for-you sessions

The Yoga to Nurture 9 month online journey 

Weekly emails keep you connected with the course & the weekly resources: PD practice guides, notes, videos, and recordings for you to choose from & explore.

Together we progress slowly & easefully through a physical and energetic centre each month, weaving a deep, rich, resourceful and nourishing journey…


  • Build the foundations of good breathing, discover ideas for luscious healthy eating, & practices for sound sleep
  • Learn how the ancient, yet practical & relevant philosophy of Yoga can help us regain our energy and serenity in the reality of every day modern life… how the wisdom of the Chakras and the Yoga Sutras applies to the challenges & questions we have in every day lives: such as preventing energy depletion, and fostering healthy relationships with ourselves & our loved ones.
  • Build healthy posture from the ground up, nurturing your feet, lower body, pelvic floor and hips, with calming, grounding relaxation & mindfulness practices
  • Nurture the sacral centre, nourishing & stabilising your joints, and exploring fluidity & grace in movement
  • Move into the core strength of your deeper abdominal support & lower back stability. Explore body image, confidence, and build inner strength for life’s challenges
  • Regain healthy graceful posture & movement in your upper back and shoulders. Explore the heart centre & learn techniques you can use to support yourself through grief or sadness when the need arises in your life. Discover the benefits of gratitude practices and compassion meditations. Enjoy guided meditations that are particularly supportive for empathetic, sensitive souls.
  • Regain healthy posture for your head and neck, and delve deeper into restorative breathing practices & the art of communication & expression.
  • Learn the art of Restorative Yoga to rest and renew yourself whenever you need.
  • Throughout the 9 months explore meditation, relaxation and mindfulness techniques that are easy to use, choosing what works to best support you in your life. Learn techniques for emotional balance, and nourish your nervous system for life.

I think one of the most important things with Alison is that you can trust her. She’s supportive of you as an individual and encourages you to shape the poses to suit your posture… Yoga with Alison is not about wearing the most fashionable active wear and it’s not about doing the most challenging poses that look impressive. It’s about our own yoga journey, about feeling better about ourselves, it’s about our wobbles and bits that aren’t as bendy or stretchy, it’s about laughter and sharing and enjoyment.


“An amazing journey to explore yourself and transform your body while getting a better understanding of all that is yoga. All backed up by Alison’s fantastic knowledge, wisdom, support and gentle, compassionate guidance….It covered so much more than I was expecting….Amazing value” 


Optional customised individual coaching package

If you choose the additional private sessions, we work together via Skype or in person to craft a personalised practice for you that suits your body, lifestyle, available time and energy levels, based on your priorities and well-being goals.

  • Your individually designed program includes ten live individual sessions with me: one per month plus one extra session to use whenever you feel like you most need over the 9 months of the full program. (Additional sessions are available for those who prefer weekly or fortnightly sessions).
  • You receive a customised practice chart and notes that we update after each session, and short customised videos to support your practice.
  • In-between your sessions you receive prompt personal support from me. You can email, text or FB message me with a question and I aim to respond within 24 hours on weekdays. (longer or more complex questions will be covered in more depth & may take longer). I’ll also catch up with any questions you’ve posted in the Facebook group, weekly.

I’ll be there to make sure that your practice fits your body and your life, and to encourage and celebrate your well-being with you.

This is Yoga the way it was meant to be shared…the modern Yoga class, where people with very different bodies and lives are expected to practice the same forms in the same way, is a recent development in the long history of Yoga. Before this, an individual would be given practices specifically tailored to benefit her mental & physical well-being.

Alison will work with your body and help you progress in the way you need to for that hour, day, week. Every body is different and Alison understands and appreciates that. When you are in a Yoga pose it won’t be the same as everyone else’s Yoga pose. When people ask me, “What kind of Yoga do you do?”, it is hard to explain because Alison has the ability to tailor the practice to the individual! Which is amazing, and one of the reasons why I love Yoga with Alison. She will never make you feel like you are not doing enough or you need to be doing something in a specific way to achieve a particular goal.


Even if you choose to do the program without the private sessions, you won’t be travelling alone: you’ll have a full 12 month’s access to the Yoga to Nurture Secret Facebook if you would like, to enjoy the community and mutual support of like-minded women with a sense of fun and compassion. I’ll drop in weekly to answer questions and comments and support your practice.

I post extra resources regularly in the groups, including after the 9 month immersion, and we encourage each other with all aspects of Yoga to Nurture in a non-judgemental, warm, friendly way.

I know what it’s like to live with pain, stress and fatigue, or to struggle to find time for wellness while busy with work and family. I know it takes time, consistency and nurturing to recover the art of self-care.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness have transformed my health and my life and I now love to share this magic others who are ready for the journey.

My deepest wish in Yoga to Nurture is for you to fulfill your potential to live, love, move and breathe more easefully and joyfully.

Alison listens to what you need, and to what you want and adapts a programme to suit you. She is very knowledgable about anatomy, as much as any physio I’ve met, which enabled me to trust her judgement and advice. She is very intuitive to people’s needs when it comes to yoga. She actively discourages people from pushing themselves too hard. I didn’t expect to get as much out of yoga as I have.


The next intake for Yoga to Nurture opens at the beginning of February 2018

Investment Details for Yoga to Nurture Online Program only (including weekly FaceBook group practice support). Course access and weekly emails begin 2nd February 2018

Payment plan options (Australian dollars)

Investment Details for Yoga to Nurture Program with 10 custom tailored individual coaching sessions:

Payment plan options (Australian dollars)

$140 per month for 10 months wtih a small set-up fee*

Or one advance payment


*Early Bird Special $100 off before January 1st

For those who prefer fortnightly or weekly sessions, 14-session packages are also available with the Yoga to Nurture Program on application (places strictly limited).

Before you decide to enrol for the optional 10 individually tailored sessions, I would love to sit down with you via Skype or in person, and chat about your goals, hopes, and challenges. Click on the button below to fill in a simple application form. 

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