Yoga Nurture Weekends

Friendly & welcoming…

Time to relax and just be…

Fun & laughter

Relaxed & easy-going

Yoga Nurture Weekends are easy-going Yoga retreats designed to rejuvenate, and relax.

With a friendly, welcoming atmosphere – gentle Yoga – easy, accessible guided meditations – fun, laughter and wonderful company –

you’ll feel as if you’ve come home to yourself.

In-between nurturing Yoga, relaxation and guided meditation there’s time to rest, integrate and reflect, deepening the benefits of the sessions in a way that just doesn’t happen when your Yoga classes are sandwiched between daily To Do lists and obligations. The benefits and self -nurturing skills learned on our weekend Yoga retreats are more easily integrated and deeply felt on your return to daily life.

Pause in the midst of the challenges of life and nurture your energy and resilience...

“At first I was a bit hesitant about going on a ‘retreat’ and that was only because I had no idea about what it meant to be ‘on retreat’. You gave us a gift of time, a break in our busy lives that was so special on so many levels. It really allowed me to STOP and this space gave me the ability to get perspective on so many things”. – Terese

“I feel much more relaxed and positive about life…it will help me to leave the last 18 months in the past and move forward in not worrying about a recurrence of my cancer”. – Jill

Renew, restore, and centre yourself...

“I feel unwound…I feel stronger to go back into life after the weekend”. – Anna

“I feel amazing, thank you – much more grounded than when I arrived”. – Eve

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I felt like I’d been away for a week at least and floated into work today”. – Rebecca


Nourish yourself with an opportunity to stop doing and just be...

“I felt a little bit worried that I wouldn’t relax easily and wasn’t sure how a retreat worked. Relaxing for a long period of time seemed foreign. I always feel like there is something to do. Now I feel relaxed – ready to take some skills back into every day life. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve taken the time to really relax”. – Gabes

“I think the best thing was that I felt so relaxed and didn’t feel guilty about doing ‘nothing’. When I sit around at home I always feel that I need to be doing something…I was pleasantly surprised about how relaxed & laid back the weekend was. I really did feel relaxed, rejuvenated & restored afterwards.” – Jess

Experience the encouragement, companionship and sheer joy of spending time with like-minded women...

“I wasn’t sure how living with strangers for 2 days would be but the introductory session the first evening was a great ice-breaker and I feel privileged to have spent the time with everyone”. – Bec

“Having time to spend with like-minded people in such a restful environment was wonderful”. – Anna

Remember the deep nourishment of self-care, and being cared for...

“The retreat has also made me realise how important ‘self-nurturing’ is and in addition, appreciate the nurturing that I do for others. Being on the other end of the nurturing process (having Kathy cook the most loving, delicious meals for us) made me understand the importance of motherly love through healthy food and a cosy, happy home”. – Terese

Gain inspiration for using meditation and Yoga tools in daily life...

“I am so inspired after the retreat. I meditated for 15 mins this morning, I didn’t stay focused the whole time but I also didn’t look at the clock and I’ve felt very calm today! It’s the first time I’ve ever tried to meditate on my own at home”. – Gabes

Nurture weekends are reasonably priced and set in a gorgeous small retreat centres. with beautiful healthy and delicious food made for you. No more than 9 spaces are available for each weekend, ensuring plenty of peace and quiet as well as individual attention during sessions.

Our next YogaNurture Weekend is 24th – 26th of March 2017 (5pm Friday to 2pm Sunday) in Middleton, Southern Tasmania, with views over the channel to Bruny Island. One place currently available due to a late cancellation. Please click here for more details or drop me a line below.

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