For clarity and fairness, please read the following before you make your purchase…

1. I will offer you a refund at the end of the course, if you feel you have not been provided with tools to help you have better posture, move more easily, reduce pain, and regain more strength and stability in gentle ways. To be fair though, you must have downloaded all the materials and worked with them over the 3 months, to qualify for a refund, because improvement takes time and practice. We can arrange a quick chat over the phone or via Skype, and if you’ve engaged in the course whole-heartedly and set aside time each day to practice the techniques, and believe you’ve not benefited from the course, we’ll arrange a refund. This program gives you access to knowledge, resources and materials I’ve crafted and honed over 15 years of teaching and 20 years of practice and research, and you get to keep all the downloads forever.Please note though, that this is not a bootcamp-style program and there is never any pressure; you simply choose from the resources according to what suits you, and gently incorporate your chosen practices into your life. The above requirements are only applied to refund requests, should they ever happen (& I have never been asked for one, for any program, workshop, course, or session, ever!).

2. The E-Course is designed to be an affordable, easily accessible way of enjoying the Healthy Happy Back Course in your own home, and as such does not come with in-person teaching. However, at any time during the course you can invest in a private, customised session if you feel you’d like to go over anything in more depth, or have anything in the course more personally tailored for you.

3. I am not a doctor or medical specialist and cannot provide medical advice or any medical guarantees. The more information about your back you have from your trusted health professional, the more you’ll be able to choose from the practices I offer in this course wisely and appropriately, for your back. I recommend knowing why your back is sore, and being fully informed, before you take any approach to better back health.

4. I will not share your email address or personal details with anyone, ever.

5. Sometimes emails go to strange places like spam folders or “promotions” folders, especially if you’re a gmail user. It’s a good idea to make sure you add me to your contact or safe senders list, and if you’re missing any emails, check those folders first, and then drop me a line if you’re still having issues.

Thank you for reading the fine print!

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