I would LOVE to gift you a free Breath Mindfulness recording.


Because I really struggled with breathing before Yoga.

I didn’t even realise I wasn’t breathing properly until I began practising Yoga.

Then I realised that years of mental stress and back pain had led to me only ever taking half-breaths. Or no breaths at all, if I was concentrating, thinking hard, or doing anything tricky!

Yoga gave me a chance to notice this, every time I held my breath, as I tried to balance, or learn a new Asana, or as I just sat and watched my breath (or lack of it!). Gradually, I started to notice whenever I held my breath in my daily activities outside the Yoga class, and eventually I learned to breathe again.

Breathing fully, (especially when things are tricky), has made such an enormous difference to my state of mind, my back health and my energy levels and general well-being that it’s now one of my favourite things about Yoga. I love being able to take a full, deep rich breath with no back spasms. I love the fact that I can ground myself, feel more focused, more calm and centred, using my breath.

Mindfulness of the breath is one of my favourite things to share with my Yoga community now. Because I struggled so much with breathing myself, I remind everyone of their breathing often, and I can certainly empathise when beginners feel shocked as they discover how often they’re holding their breath.

That’s why I created a free Breath Mindfulness recording as part of my subscriber Welcome Pack. You can use it as a meditation, as a relaxation to relieve stress, for pain relief, or even before bed to help you sleep.

Click here to receive the free Breath Mindfulness recording, as well as a short Standing with Grace and Ease Recording and Standing with Grace & Ease PDF. I hope you enjoy it!