I’ve never been a naturally good sleeper. I was a child who yelled and sleep-walked and dreamed of interesting monsters, growing up to an adult who has super-powered ear-drums even when unconscious (my husband says a mouse farting would wake me up).

Hence my interest in Yoga, mindfulness and nutritional tools, like this healthy hot chocolate recipe, that can help with sleep.

I can honestly say that the breathing and Yoga asanas and mindfulness practices I’ve learned help a lot. Even these days, with tap-dancing possums on the ceiling and certain people I live with who snore a lot, which includes a very loudly snoring Labrador.

This is a particularly yummy trick I’ve learned though – my favourite snooze-inducing bedtime hot chocolate recipe. It’s the quality of the ingredients that count and helps with a better sleep, so go organic when you get the ingredients.

Healthy Hot Chocolate Ingredients:

1 cup or slightly less than a mug of whole un-homogenised milk or almond milk, gently warmed in a saucepan

1 cinnamon stick, infused with the milk in the saucepan

A small amount of hot water from the kettle in the bottom of your mug, just enough to dissolve:

1 heaped teaspoon of raw organic cacao powder

1 teaspoon raw organic honey

Pour the warmed, cinnamon infused milk onto the dissolved cacao and honey

Add a sprinkle of freshly ground nutmeg on top (nutmeg has wonderfully effective sedative properties in small amounts but don’t use too much – no more than an 8th of a teaspoon. A smaller amount tastes better anyway).

Occasionally some people may find the cacao too stimulating, but I don’t – for me, taking it at bedtime has a very different effect than in the morning. If you do find it too stimulating though, you could omit it and use this as a recipe for a relaxing spiced milk. Or you could add a couple of lavender or chamomile flowers instead for an alternative luxurious sleep-inducing brew.

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