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The YogaNurture starter pack includes:

5 Minutes to Feel Calm & Grounded

An easy mindfulness meditation using your senses & breath to connect you to your body & to the present moment. You can use it whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, too busy, or stressed, or just whenever you’d like to feel more centred & at home in your own skin.

The Breath Mindfulness Recording

Around 15 minutes long and will take you deep into a meditative awareness of your breath, encouraging a healthy, effortless way of breathing to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Mountain Pose

Another short recording lasting just over 6 minutes that’s easy to fit into your day & will lead you gently and meditatively into a graceful, easy, healthy posture. Many of my Yogis have been surprosed to find that just working on posture alone has had a deep affect on how they feel, both physically and emotionally; much more so than practising challenging Yoga poses.

The Standing with Grace & Ease pin-up

A simple, quick-reference chart for Mountain Pose that you can pin up in your home or office to easily become mindful of your standing posture at any time, allowing healthy posture to become second nature.

The Psoas Releaser video

A 5 minute excerpt from my YogaNurture program & Healthy Happy Back course that demonstrates a releasing position you can use to help relieve lower back pain, improve your capacity for deep diaphragmatic breathing, and ease physical tension from the knees & hips. Used regularly, it can also help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Use it before you go to bed to unwind for a better sleep, or at the end of a day of sitting at work to help you re-balance. Or just use it anytime you’d like to feel more easeful in your hips & lower back. It’s not a stretch, so the less effort you put into this the better! Just let gravity & your breath facilitate a deep release without any active stretching.

The Back of Leg Releasing Pose video

This practice works beautifully when partnered with the Psoas Releaser. Many people complain of tightness in the backs of their legs, especially in the calves or hamstrings. Big stretches are not effective in the long term because often the tightness is due to postural patterns and the tight muscles bounce back after stretching, even tighter than before. The best practice is working on how you stand (& if possible, sitting in chairs less), but while you’re working on your Mountain Pose with the resources above, this pose can help to offer some release. Because of the nerve endings in your legs, this pose can also help you feel more generally relaxed and is another good one to do before going to sleep. It’s also very beneficial at the end of a day of sitting, if you have to sit at work.

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